J. jakline. alexander the great. Alexander the great. The Macedonians they weren't skilled artists, Philosophers or great actors, they were great warriors and here is one of the greatest ones.

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Alexander the great

The Macedonians they weren't skilled artists, Philosophers or great actors, but one thing that they had the upper hand over the other nations, was warfare. One man who stuck out in the crowd was Alexander the great. Alexander the great was born in 356 BC to King Phillip and his wife Olympias.

On the day of young Alexander's birth his father King Phillip was at war he received three great messages, his horse won 1st prize at a competition and that his army had one a battle that they were very desperate to win King Philip knew from the start that Alexander would bring good things. Being that Alexander the great was in a royal household and also being his father's only heir, he was raised to be a successful man.

One time king Phillip bought a couple of horses and his solders tried to try them out, they were unable to get on one of the horses because it was too wild.

Young Alexander witnessing this Alexander showed his courage and climbed onto the wild horse like it was nothing at all and was successful in doing so. This horse who Alexander named Bucephalus would go on to be one of the most famous horses ever to live and he rode it in all of his many battles.

Alexander wasn't just all brawn and fighting material he had to get his education too, his father gave him the most expensive education life could offer. King Philip Hired the Greek Philosopher and scientist Aristotle to be Alexander's private teacher. Aristotle is the reason why Alexander always slept with two things under his pillow a knife and a book called the Iliad.

Alexander was the king of Macedonia for thirteen years after his father died.