"Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.

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Charles Hutwidge Dodgson, using the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll became an accomplished author of the Victorian age.

As a child, Charles Dodgson used his vivid imagination to entertain his brothers and sisters. Growing older he began challenging minds with math questions, quizzes and puzzles. As an adult, Dodgson led an unusual personal life.

Charles Dodgson was born on January 27, 1832. His father was a clergyman in Daresbury England, where Charles was born. Being the oldest son of eleven children, Charles enjoyed entertaining his siblings. He invented games, told stories, and put on puppet shows. Some of the games he invented included Doublets, Lanrick, Circular Billiards and Syzygies. At the age of twelve, he was sent to the Richmond School, where other students harassed him. An example of the torture was written in a letter to his sister he wrote, " they told me to say, 'Go to work' which I said, and they immediately began kicking me and knocking me on all sides" (Clark 38).

He had already written the book Useful and Instructive Poetry at the age of thirteen. The book included poems and limericks written for his sisters. James Tate II, his instructor wrote about Charles, "I do not hesitate to express my opinion that he possesses, along with other and natural endowments, a very uncommon share of genius" (Clark 39).

At the age of fourteen, Charles became at student at Rugby. He excelled in his studies and began reading a large collection of books he received as prizes for his accomplished schoolwork. While at Rugby, he was under a studentship. Unlike a scholarship at today's college, the conditions included the student could not marry. He attended Rugby from 1846 to 1850. In 1855, he received his B.A at Christ Church College, in Oxford. Two years...