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Jack Donohoe was a confident convict and a ferocious criminal, he only stood 5 feet 4 inches (160 cm) tall but this just made his personality as big and bossy as a mother about to spank her child with a wooden spoon. He had pale freckly skin with blonde coloured hair, and a flaming red scar under his left nostril.

Date and place of birth

Jack Donohoe was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1808 some say 1806 (date was not recorded).

Family and life before bushranging

In the 1820's life had been difficult for Jack. His family was poor and none of them had jobs. Jack turned into a rebel. When Jack was eighteen he was transported under a life sentence for 'Intent to commit a felony', which means that he meant to commit a crime. He was transported on the sailing ship 'Ann & Amelia', and he arrived in Sydney on the 2nd of January 1826.

Reasons for Bushranging

Jack Donohoe's reasons for bushranging were:

He was a rebel who didn't like keeping to the rules and disobeyed the Police;

He wanted a better life, to be well off and have a lots of money;

He wanted to be well known;

He was Irish and disliked the English telling the Irish what to do.

Crimes committed

Convicts who escaped from prison were called "Bolters". When Jack arrived in Sydney he was sent to work for John Pagan from Parramatta, He got in trouble and got sent off to build roads, shortly after this he got a job to work for Major West in Quakers Hill. It was not long after that he took off with two other men named Smith and Kilroy. In 1827 after stealing several bullock drays* on the Sydney to Windsor road, Jack and his...