"Jack The Giant Killer" by Flora Annie Steel

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In the fairy tale of "Jack the Giant Killer", we see many aspects that storytellers still use. Overcoming the odds, defeating all evil, winning the princess's hand in marriage are all techniques still used in modern storytelling. This story in many ways shows a true underdog, defying all odds to become a hero. Many stories have soon followed this trait such as Peter Pan, and Paul Bunyon. The main characters overcame all odds and become legends just like Jack. However this story shows many similarities to Jack and the Giant Bean stock, which most of the ideas were probably taken from Jack the Giant Killer. He destroys evil, wins the heart of a beautiful woman, and is handsomely rewarded.

This story reminds me of how I act and feel, and how I always try to overcome anything that is set before me. However, my goal is not to slay giants but to get good grades.

My goal is not to win a princess's hand in marriage, yet just to be happy and call someone my own. In all children's novels and fairy tales people can relate somehow. This story is true and shows that if you set your heart to something; not matter how large the goal it can usually be accomplished. That is how I live my everyday life, set goals and accomplish them.

This story does not have much text-to-world. The only thing I can really think of is he was somewhat of a peasant. He did not have a title until he killed the first giant, then and only then was he deemed Jack the Giant Killer.