Jack Johnson and Rubin Carter:African American boxers

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Jack Johnson and Rubin Carter are two famous African American boxers. Jack Johnson was the first African American boxing champion. Rubin Carter was a number one contender for the middle weight championship title.

Jack Johnson was born Galveston on March 6,1878. He was the second of six kids. His parent's names are Henry and Tiny Johnson. Jack's father was a former slave and his family was very poor. When Jack was in the fifth grade Jack left school and started odd jobs all around south Texas. Jack started his boxing career as a sparing partner. When he very first started boxing he was only doing battle royals. During the battle royals white spectators were entertained by young blacks, and the spectators thew money at the winner. (Texas monthly: Texas Character Date Book 1985)

Jack had a rough early life. When Jack was about twelve he wanted to travel the world and mainly go to New York City.

In trying to get from Galveston, Texas to New York he first jumped on a freight train and was beaten up and thrown off when he was found. He then jumped on a boat and ended up a fisherman in Key West. He finally reached New York City after being a coon on board a freighter. After New York Jack went to Boston and then at the age of thirteen he was back in Texas, his hometown, and worked as a dock worker. (Encyclopedia of World Biography, Vol.8, Pg.302)

When Jack was about seventeen he was involved in street fights to start off. Jack then started training in Dallas and then returned to Galveston when he had his first series of bouts. Jack soon received the nickname "Lil Arthur." Jacks firstbouts were in Galveston, Spingfield, Illinois, Chicago, and New York. After going back...