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Do you like adventurous books that take place in the cold wilderness, with stories of wolves and struggles in the cold? When you read a book you need something interesting to get you into it. A good book will get you motivated to read more. It will also make you more interested if you weren't only reading fiction but what is someone's life experience. If you want a brilliant storyline with an adventurous setting, then Jack London is the author for you. Jack London had a wild life and with hard work became a brilliant writer.

Jack London was born in 1876 of an unmarried mother. His mother's name was Flora Wellman. He came from quite a wealthy background. An unknown father deserted him at birth, but the word is that his name was William Chaney. Because Flora was ill, she had her friend who was a former slave raise Jack through infancy.

Jack was always a creative reader and a great writer in school. He dropped out of school when he was 14, which led to an adventurous teen years. He educated himself by borrowing books from the Oakland Public Library. At 19 he was accepted into he University of California at Berkeley. He started his career by writing short stories for the newspaper. Then he came out with his best selling novel, "Call of the Wild." He married Bess Maddern and had two daughters. He divorced Bess and married his second wife named Charmian. Jack always had a great love for writing. He died in 1916 of a kidney disease. Jack was young and only 40 years old when he died. There was too much alcohol and darkness in his later years as a writer, which may be the cause of his death. There have been some speculations...