Jack London.

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Jack London

Jack London lived all the harshness and tragedy of his naturalism style of writing. His life was full of a variety of experiences, but mostly in a bitter tone. The reasons for his unhappy and troubled life and branched out from there. His mother started off on a path to happiness but was stricken with typhoid causing them both to have bouts of depression no matter what the causes is a sure thing that Jack London led a very interesting life.

Jack started out when he was 19, with writing the short story "An odyssey of the North." Which was published in 1900. This story was actually conceived by his journey to the north during the Klondike Rush. He continued writing and later produced "The wolf", which was christened by his friends Anna Slounsky and George Sterling. People were impressed with his work because they didn't know what kind of literature a person like him could produce, and when his work was published they were in awe.

Some Titles of his work include: The Call of the Wild, White Fang, The Wolf, and to Build a Fire, all of which were published. Jack wrote literature from poems to novels to short stories. He usually wrote about his experiences which were obviously plentiful. Whatever he saw or did or participated in he used that to write his books.

Jack London was born in 1876 and grew up in basically a broken home. Although brought up in a troublesome family Jack rose above it all and became a successful writer. Although his middle-age he spent his time writing his novels poems and short stories. After breaking away from the many grievances of his childhood Jack began writing and the money started pouring in. He led and interesting but also...