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Over his 20 year tenure as CEO of General Electric Jack Welch was able to bring the company from a $12 billion dollars a year in 1981 to an impressive $280 billion by 1998; with a record increase market value share which has not been surpassed by any other company, including Microsoft, Disney or Intel for example. He is considered one of the most influential and effective business leaders in the world. His business initiatives such as Six Sigma, globalization and e-business have defined our current standards in corporate business. His ideas of creating a democratic work environment have allowed the company as well as its employees to grow and have a voice in the organization. He relied on being without limits and sharing ideas with all workers, he has an intense focus on people and determined devotion and integrity towards the organization.

Jack Welch displays many traits, which distinguishes him as a great leader.

When selecting leaders he looks for qualities that he calls the "Four E's." These qualities are positive "E"nergy, the ability to "E"nergize others; "E"dge or the courage to make clear, direct decisions and the ability to "E"xecute. Once the Four E's are met he looks for passion.

The concept of the 4 "E"s can be intergraded not only in our business but in our personal life as well. For example Energy; according to Welch, leaders must have other strengths such as intelligence and decision-making ability; however, it is energy that transforms good ideas into measurable performance.

This "E"nergy can be harnessed and applied by simple steps such as removing bureaucracy. For example at my workplace by reviewing old departmental forms and completely discarding unnecessary ones increased our departmental workflow and productivity. Another energizing step taken by our department was to focus on training. Training occurs...