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What is Jack Welch’s mission and how did he approach it?An employee of General Electric [GE] since 1960, and CEO since 1981, Jack Welch became a business icon in his strategic revamping of the GE Corporation. Welch quickly advanced GE into a true total quality management style. He whittled 29 levels of bureaucracy to six levels, streamlined processes, cut expenses, and implemented the Six Sigma training program to their personnel at all global locations. Welch regularly challenges employees, dishing out positive reinforcement and critical improvement feedback. Welch bought and sold businesses, constantly watched the market and seized opportunities for financial growth with strategic global location placement, real estate and currency investment. (Fones, 2001)Compare and contrast to Jack Welch to John BloorDifferences and similarities for TQM implementation between Jack Welch and John Bloor vary due to the ownership and goals of the businesses. Similarities in their management style exist where change is constant, and leadership styles are to evolve their personnel to higher levels of performance, involving employees at all levels in decisions for change and innovation.

Globalization exists in both businesses; with employee input along with customer feedback used to innovate and revolutionize process and products.

There are also many differences such as that GE is a business owned by stockholders where Triumph is personally owned by John Bloor. GE was a large organization with 29 levels of management when Welch took CEO, where Triumph had none, as it was bought out of bankruptcy. Welch is more aggressive in his approach, implementing changes immediately throughout the organization; where Bloor prefers to take as much time as needed, carefully researching and planning.

Welch prefers personnel who are not afraid to stand up and push; searching within the company and promoting employees, with some advancing up two to three...