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The Report Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, the only son of Charles and Lee-lee Chan. They named him Chang Kong-sang. His name mean "born in Hong Kong" Chan. He was in his mother's stomach for twelve months, however babies are usually in their mother's stomach for about nine months. As a result, Jackie weighed twelve pounds when he arrived in this world. His mother nicknamed him Pao pao, which in Chinese for "cannonball." But there was a price to pay for Jackie's arrival and his parents couldn't afford it with his father working as a chef and his mother as a housekeeper for the French ambassador. They were about to give him a way but his father had a strange feeling about Jackie. Hence, they borrowed money from family and friends to pay for the hospital bill.

Jackie spent the beginning of his life living with his parents at the French ambassadors mansion.

His father disciplined and trained Jackie and his mother taught him how to use proper manners. Jackie went to school at a private academe and was soon taken out because he was getting into trouble and the fact that he didn't like it. When Jackie was 7 his father brought him to a Peking Opera School. Jackie went into the school and was amazed, he saw children tumbling, flipping and practicing martial arts with elegant weapons. It was like a dream to him. The master asked him how long he wanted to stay at the opera. Jackie the maximum time, which was 10 years. He hated the school within a week of staying there. His master would beat him and other students; he would also push them past their athletic limits. While attending the school Jackie was given a new name which was Yuen Lo. Everybody was given a new name when they start to attend the school. When Jackie was eight years old he was adopted by his master (because his mother moved to Australia with Jackie's father and no one would be able to look after Jackie) and was chosen to be in an opera show. It was a team of 7 of the best students at the school; they were called the Seven Little Fortunes. That same year a director came to the school and chose Jackie to be an actor in the movie "Big and Little Wong Tin Bar", this would be his first movie and the beginning of his career.

Jackie Chan wasn't always interested with his career; he was interested in some girls. His first love was a girl named Chang, which he met during his days at the opera. His second love was Teresa, a most beloved pop singer. Jackie and Teresa dated and it didn't work out. The last woman he loves and still loves is Lin Feng-Jiao, one of Taiwan's top actresses. They met at one of Jackie's friend's party. Jackie didn't really expect a beautiful girl would go out with him so he wasn't that interested with her. They had a friendly conversation and later had a couple of dinner dates. At the time Jackie was making the movie Project A and it took place in Taiwan, so he would see Lin once in awhile. He promised to teach her kung fu when ever she needed to be taught. That day came and Jackie brought his stunt crew with him on the set of Lin Feng-Jiao's movie. They all had helped with the action scenes of the movie and Jackie and Lin became closer friends. Then came the day when Jackie asked her if she would marry him and she said yes. They got married in Los Angeles, California. Soon after Lin Feng-Jiao quit her acting career and gave birth to a boy a year after they got married. They named their kid Jackson.

Jackie has achieved and accomplished many things. One was being at the bottom of the poverty line and accomplishing abilities to put him way above the poverty line. Jackie had a dream and he made it come true. He received many awards from around the world like the MTV lifetime achievement award.