Jackie Robinson and how he changed the face of not only sports but everyday life.

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Jackie Robinson was only known as a great baseball player during his playing years but fans didn't know how much he would change the face of sports and everyday life. I am doing my project on Jackie Robinson and how he changed how African Americans are viewed in society. Jackie was the first African-American to play major league baseball. Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and played 10 years of his major league career with the Dodgers. When entering the majors Robinson had to learn how to exercise self-control to answer insults, violence, and injustice with silence. Every step on the field he made someone was criticizing him. Jackie Robinson didn't only run into trouble on the field but he also ran into trouble off it. Robinson's actions sparked Dr. King's civil rights movement and others. Jackie Robinson is a true hero and gave African Americans more rights than ever.

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo Georgia, on January 31, 1919. His father, Jerry, was a sharecropper and left the family when Jackie was 6 months old. Mallie, Jackie's mother, was left to raise five children on her own. In search of a better life, she moved the family to Pasadena, California where she got a job as a domestic. Neighbors harassed the Robinsons by calling them names and even throwing rocks. As a young boy Jackie was told to ignore the abuse, but he was hot-tempered and instead returned the insults and threw rocks back. When he was a little older, Jackie joined a local gang of mischievous kids who caused trouble around the neighborhood. Jackie also played sports. His older brother, Mack, was a world-class sprinter.

Jackie's true passion was now playing sports and he excelled at everything he tried. His proficiency at football, track, baseball...