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Jacksonian Democrats DBQ The main thing that the Jacksonian Democrats fought to guard was the rights of the common, working man. When the Bank of the United States presented its new charter to the president he turned it down. Jackson found that the bank was not necessary for the country and it only helped out a few people instead of the entire country. He believed that the bank controlled all of the banking and had a "monopoly of the foreign and domestic exchange." Since the bank was to powerful and only rich, selfish men ran it Jackson vetoed the charter. By doing this it hurt the rich man and helped out the smaller one. What he was really trying to do is lower the gap between the highest classes and the lowest because "all men are created equal." Another thing the Jacksonian Democrats guarded was the individual liberty of the American man.

Since the country was getting too populous and tensions were rising between the individual states and the Native Americans, Jackson decided to step in and play father. He forced the Indians to leave the states and set up a nice area in Oklahoma for them to settle in. By doing so he protected the Indians from getting wiped out completely by the states and helped out the men living in the states. Now that the Natives were out of the way there were more opportunities for the American man to expand and be free.

By vetoing the bank charter he was causing problems with the rich Americans and the economy that would come to light in the Panic of 1837. Because of Jackson's ways the entire country including the common man were hurt by the poor economy. Also by shipping the Indians out of Georgia as well as the other states to Oklahoma many people were killed in this "Trail of Tears." The Democrats were helping the commons but was hurting the minority. By only thinking of the common man and making mistakes that caused the bank the Whigs came to power.