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Scene the formation of the United States Constitution there have been many political groups that have claimed to be guardians of the constitution and the common man. No group has done better in doing this then the Jacksonian Democrats. Even though the Jacksonian Democrats did occasionally violate the United States Constitution and the ideals of political democracy, equality of economic opportunity, and individual liberty they did so in order to protect the interests of the common man. First of all, Jackson protected the rights of the common man from the rich by denying the renewal of the charter of the national bank. Secondly, the rights of the citizens of the United States were protected by Jackson removing the Indians form the state of Georgia. Thirdly, Jackson helped to keep the constitution strong by taking care of the nullification crisis in South Carolina. Finally, the common man was given a feeling of equality in regards to economic opportunities due to the actions of the Jacksonian Democrats. Through all of the actions of the Jacksonian Democrats the common man was given a voice with which they could speak out against the rich and be heard.

Jackson began his fight against the rich, for the good of the common man, with his war on the national bank. He felt that the common man would be harmed with the institution like the bank placing a "concentration of power in the hands of a few men irresponsible to the people" as he voiced in his veto of the bank charter (Document B). It was because of this philosophy that Jackson took such a firm stand on the issue of the renewal of the bank charter to Nicholas Biddle. Jackson, just like many other westerners, blamed the panic of 1819 on the national bank.