Jacksonian Democrats, DBQ, explains the positives of the Jacksonian influence

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Supporters of President Jackson, Jacksonian Democrats, saw themselves as protectors of the United States Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality within economic opportunity. The ideas possessed by the Jackson supporters was nothing short of true.

The Jacksonians were firmly entrenched behind the "humblest citizens". They believed in making the country better for the common man. With this, Jackson set out to get all of these common men involved in the government through rallies and eliminating the requirements to vote. Jackson made the people believe that the common man's ballot would offset the votes of the economic elites [Doc. A]. Upholding the belief that no man was better then any other , thus holding up the Constitution , Jacksonians set up a policy of rotation in office. It was believed that since all men were equal, all men could hold public office. However, this was one of the Jacksonians weaker points.

Although they claimed it was "The Age of the Common Man" power actually remained with the elites who Jackson had appointed. Jacksonians claimed to support a level playing field, with all men able to hold office, but they banked on the unequal results when only 1/5 of Jackson's appointed officers were removed. Jackson also supported industrialization and the scramble for material wealth. The Jacksonians were responsible for the Panic of 1837 in this manner, because of their attempt to democratize economic opportunity and political participation. Ever protecting the constitution, the Jacksonian Era saw abolishment of all state churches, in an effort to make religion more democratic in the United States. In general, the Jacksonians did an outstanding job of democratizing the country as far as outsiders were concerned. Harriet Martineau, a British author, was astonished by the knowledge and lack of poverty established by the Jacksonians. Martineau...