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Essential Question: Who should have power in France?

Persuasive Essay

In the fall of 1793, you decide to spred your political ideas by publishing a pamphlet. Based on the current situation, decide who should have power, and create an essay which persuades people to support your position. You may choose to support the Jacobins, Girondins, Constitutional Monarchists, or Royalist who support absolute monarchy.

Citizens of France

In these times of great turmoil and chaos, the price of freedom, equality and fraternity must be paid for by the performance of duties from which now one is exempt. Through out this revolution many powers sought to undermine it with lies and promises, pretending to listen to the people! But you the people of France have shown the true colors of such powers, opening the way for us Jacobins to lead this great country and restoring it as a power to be feared and respected in Europe.

Look back and remember what monarchy has done to France; constitutional or absolute monarchy it is all the same, merely a different name. Was it not the ways of the monarchs and their wars that led France to its current predicament? Bankrupt, weak, and in turmoil, vulnerable to the world. Yet the royalists' wish to revive the monarchy that is not the actions of those who wish to help France. Such people are only looking for personal gains to be received under monarchy. Are they not traitors to this revolution, have all our sacrifices been for naught! Do the people wish to have someone like Louis XVI become a king? Was it not he who betrayed the trust of his people and committed the greatest crime a leader could ever commit by abandoning his people, and betraying his homeland! No! We must never forget!