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Jacques Derrida was born in Algiers and educated in French. He was trained as a philosopher. Early in his career he published a study of Edmund hussar who is the founder of phenomenology. Derrida publications are steadily translated into English among them are: speech and phenomena, writing and difference and structure sign and play in the discourse oh human science.

Structure, sign and play in the discourse of human science produce the type of thinking that Derrida follow. He uses the word ...event... as a concept of structure. It would be easy to say that the word structure is old as western science and that their roots thus deep into the soil of ordinary language. Structure or rather the stractuality of structure is always been involve or reduce by a process of giving it a center. The function of this center was not only to organizing principle of the structure would limit what we might call freeplay of the structure.

For example, when the center close of the freeplay opens up and makes up.

The concept of centered structure is in fact the concept of freeplay based on fundamental group. it possible to say that all the names related to the center have always designated the constant of (presence-essence-subject) that why he refer to it as - repetition because its been repeated all the time.

He also mentions something about metaphysics. Derrida says there is no sense in doing without a concept of metaphysics in order to attack metaphysics. We have no language- no syntax and no lexicon which is alien to the history. The metaphysics is attacked with the help of the concept of the science. Sign has always been comprehended and determined in its sense as a sign of, signifier referring to signified and if one erases the...