The Jade Peony

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Novel Response "" " The Jade Peony"� Summery of " The Jade Peony "� The novel " The Jade Peony"� by Wayson Choy, examines the Chinese Immigrant experiences in Canada and its effect on individual identities. The story is set in Vancouver, Chinatown during the period of 1930 and 1940s, which is before and during the World War II. This novel particularly focuses on one Chinese Family with three different generations. The novel is narrated through the point of views of three children within the family; therefore it is divided into three major parts.

In part one, Jook Liang, the only sister, likes people's attention and dreams of being Shirley temple. Unfortunately, girls are considered " useless"� in a traditional Chinese family. Her grandmother repeatly reminded her, " Jook Liang, If your want a place in this world, do not be born a girl child."� However, Liang realizes the truth that she is neither useless nor ugly through the tap dancing and deep friendship with an old family's friend "" Wong Bak In part two, Jung Sum is introduced as the second brother who is adopted into the family.

He boxes in order to overcome his feeling of weakness. The story is concluded by the youngest brother, Sek Lung, a sickly child nicknamed Sekky. Because of his sickness, he spends most of his time accompanying his grandmother. Sekky was born in Vancouver. He prefers the English way more because he is never able to understand the family ranking and the Chinese kinship terms. Both the internal family cultures and external society produced a conflict in the novel. The internal problems are mainly focus on their view on gender role, traditional culture, language issues and parental values. The external forces focus on the Canadian values, employment expectation, racism and...