"The Jade Peony" written by author Wayson Choy.

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"The Jade Peony" written by author Wayson Choy allows Canadian reader's to get a glimpse of the reality of an immigrant family's life, viewed through the simple perspective of a child narrator. In part one of "The Jade Peony" one does not learn about the characteristics and desires of the narrator at sudden, however, a vital and fairly constructive way to recognize the individuality and personality of the narrator in the story, which is a girl named Liang, is to closely examine her relationship with two significant people in the novel; Wong Suk; a friend and Poh-Poh; her grandmother. Once knowing about the child narrator, it can be revealed what Wayson Choy has achieved by using her to present Part One of his novel.

Let us begin by looking deep into the relationship Liang the narrator in part one of "The Jade Peony" holds with Wong Suk, who is one of her grandmothers Old China friend.

Exactly why, do we as human beings become so close to someone, and are able to share such a strong bond with a person who could once be regarded as a total stranger? What is the main reason behind our tight relationship? In Wayson Choy's novel, Liangs close friendship with Wong Suk definitely, like all relationships, has a reason to it, and foremost knowing a little about Liang can help bring into light that reason. Being a young girl, Liang admires Shirley Temple, and through the uncomplicated eyes of a child she believes that if she is well mannered and dressed nicely, and learns how to tap dance and sing, there will barely be any difference between her; a girl coming from a struggling immigrant family and Shirley Temple who on the other hand is widely famous to the extent...