Jade Poeny Symbolism

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There is always that one story that has left an impact on several people. Wayson Choy's first novel, The Jade Peony, is a great example of this. We as Canadians need Choy's novel because it was written for us as a nation. We are able to look at the dark times in Canadian history and see how we treated each other. Canadians need the story The Jade Peony as we are able to see how immigrating had an impact on the lives of the characters, to compare in the setting from that time period to now, and to show us through symbols their hardship ways. Through these reasons, it is evident that every Canadian should read the story The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy.

Immigrating is always a tough decision to do, as you are just looking for the best way to improve your lifestyle as a whole.

However, it is unpredictable how the outcome of immigrating will turn out. It could have been a poor decision or it could have been a great decision; but it is not known until the decision has been made. The Jade Peony is told through the eyes of the three younger children of a Chinese-Canadian of the family. Choy choosing three different point of views allows us to see the impact immigrating had on each of their lives and how the family struggles to fit in. Immigrating had an impact on the three younger children, Jung-Sum, Jook-Liang and Sek-Lung as they are being brought up into a Chinese family where the parents are even having a hard time fitting in and adapting to the Canadian culture. They each experience a very different childhood depending on their age and sex, encountering the complexities of birth and deaths, love and hate, and...