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Daniella Rynhoud

Teacher Accountability

Source: Manning, M., Bullock, L. and Gable, R. Preventing School Failure. Summer 2009, Vol. 53 Issue 4, p 219 - 226. 8p. 2 charts. Retrieved 18, 2014, from Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Austin Community College Library, Austin, TX.



Purpose. This article shows the reader how important it is to have preservice preparation, teacher accountability and administrative evaluation methods combined together and used to ensure highly qualified teachers in the United States of America. The authors of this article examine and look at different ways that can help guide teachers to meet the special demanding criteria's of Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT), by focusing and working on the area of emotional and behavioral disorders in students. This research gives some details on the standards the State and local authorities have set for teachers in America namely they must have completed a bachelor's degree, pass a state exam and they must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of their primary field of instruction.

There is a concern that the quality of classroom personnel is poor and not up to standards. Students with emotional or behavioral disorders may lead to bad future expectations. This research has led to establish a set of skills that will work effectively with children who have emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) the Council for Exceptional Children has created the minimum of Knowledge and Skills statements that are required to teach EBD.

Method. An online survey was created for teachers who work with children who have EBD, they were asked what they perceived to be the top five Knowledge and Skills statements in the Council for Exceptional Children standards, they also used data analysis that focused on demographic information. The survey had 128 teachers participate in it who were members of...