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Jainism Today Throughout the many years that Jainism has been an established religion, it has grown and changed in many different ways. Today Jains make up around 1 percent of the Indian population. The relationship between the Jains, and the Hindus has grown throughout the year, and although Jains are very proud of their religion they seem to blend in with the Hindu society. Although the identity of the Jains has not been compromised, their legal and social identities have been somewhat blurred. Since India has no civil code, Jains are included under the Hindu family law. Therefore, things such as marriage, divorce, and inheritance, are all governed under Hindu law. It is because of this that when Jains are asked what religion they are the simply say Hindu. They do this because Jainism is not a large or well-known religion, and therefore avoid the explanations of their religion by simply saying Hinduism.

When Jainism was introduced to the Americas in 1893, neither Canada nor the United States was a country where the Jain immigrants would go. They would primarily settle in England and East Africa. It has only been since the 1960s that a significant number of Jains have been settling on the American continent. There are now around 25,000 Jains in the United States and 10,000 in Canada. Many of the Jains that immigrate are business people, approximately 40 percent are engineers and 2o percent are physicians. In contrast with the concentration of the Jain population in England, Jains in the United States and Canada are spread out over a wide area, but with principal concentrations in New York, New Jersey, California, and Ontario. To have houses of worship in of worship in smaller towns where their number are sparse, they have on occasion joined with Hindus from...