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World Religions: Jainism Seminar ScriptIntroductionAS: Hello and welcome to another session of 'Religion at a glance.' I'm your host Ariba Shah and today's topic is: Jainism **. We'll begin today by asking you, our audience, what you know about the religion of Jainism. (write on board)**Jainism is a religion that began in the Ganges Basin in Eastern India around the 5th - 7th century BCE. Jainism preaches that there isn't a founder of the religion, instead they believe in prophets known as Tirthankaras, which will be explained to you later. Jainism was a widespread approach to Hinduism, with an effort of escaping the caste system where priests ruled the religion. So Jainism started out as a new movement within Hinduism but later on developed into an independent faith with out social restrictions like the Hindu Dharma.

Here with me today are some learned experts on the religion; they are: Baljot Goraya who will be talking to us about some of the main principles of Jainism.

Iqra Shaikh who knows all about the Jain Holy days and Festivals. Junaid Malik who'll talk about the Tirthankaras, Raman Rakhra talking about the holy texts and whether the religion is mono or polytheistic and Raman Sandhu.**Let's begin by explaining the comprehensive Jain symbol to our audience members and viewers at home. I believe that this symbol represents the very basics of the whole religion; therefore it is a good introduction to Jainism. Baljot, let's have you explain the various meanings in this symbol to us.

BG: Sure Ariba. This is a Jain symbol. This is a part of the moon which represents the region beyond the three worlds of heaven, earth and hell wherein the liberated souls reside. The three dots represent the three jewels. They also represent the three worlds...