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The protagonist of this novel was Jalil Sherman. Jalil is a tall lanky black male he has like this obsession with washing his hands, like they are always dirty although he only washes them when he's asleep in everworld and awake in the real world. I would have to say one of Jalil's largest internal conflicts was trying not to become over attracted to Hel's normal half and give into her evilness. One of Jalil's largest external conflicts was trying to keep himself from harm and protecting the rest of his group of friends, mostly April O'Brien. Jalil didn't seem to like two of the people he was stuck with in everworld, David Levin and Christopher Hitchcock he was stuck with them because of Senna the witch April's half sister. He seemed to get along with April quite well.

The antagonist of this novel was Hel she was Loki's daughter the evil goddess ruler of Nifleheim.

I would say one of Hel's largest internal conflicts was overcoming her outer appearance and inner self, which is when she's not over indulging torturing innocent young men. Hel's largest external conflict was her beauteous living right side and her decaying hideousness of a left side. Hel hated everyone and thing including her father and siblings.

Another character in this novel was David Levin he was a wannabe hero he was a dark haired dark eyed white boy with a crush on Senna some natural attraction and some of Senna working her magic on him. David's largest internal conflict was trying to make his friends well the people he was struck with see that Senna wasn't really that bad. His largest internal conflict was trying to live up to the stereotypical hero that he had made himself into. David had a...