Jamboree in the Hills

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Jamboree in the Hills

One of the most enjoyable and memorable times each year is

Jamboree in the Hills, a country music festival held in mid-July just

outside of St. Clairsville, Ohio. This four to five day event allows me

the opportunity to do and see a number of things that stay with me

throughout the year. The chance to see and hang out with old friends,

including many from out of town, and meeting many new friends. It

offers me an unbelievable break from reality. I also enjoy seeing my

favorite country music artists perform. These all combine to create life

long memories and relationships.

The five-day event begins on Wednesday every year where I join

my gang of friends from near and far, under the baking summer sun,

to set up our campsite and catch up on each other's past year. This

is a great time, as for many of us it is the only opportunity we have

to see each other every year.

Most of our rambling chitchat is done

on Wednesday evening while most of us are sober. Although, we do

tend to catch up with one another in the mornings when we arise from

our drunkin-stupors and come to our senses from the previous nights

festivities. I always enjoy sitting out in the dew- moist grass in the

morning anxiously awaiting for my friends to poke their heads out of

the random tent that they passed out in the night before. We gather

around in a circle and blaze one to cure our dreadfully pounding

heads. The next thing on our agenda is to make a run for ice and

beer. By this time my mouth feels as if it were stuffed with cotton and

I'm ready to chug a beer. The first...