James Byron Dean.

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James Byron Dean

James Byron Dean was born February 8, 1931, in the Seven Gables apartment, in Marion, Indiana. His parents were Winton and Mildren Dean, formerly Mildren Wilson. James stayed in Indiana until he was six. His dad, who was a dental technician, moved the family to Los Angeles. (Actually his dad was transferred to California by the government) When four years had passed, James's mom became ill and passed away. He went back to Indiana, where he lived with his aunt and uncle on a farm. After he graduated from Fairmount high school, he returned to California, where he attended Santa Monica Junior College and UCLA.

James Dean liked to paint, write, bullfight, take pictures, sculpt, race, horse riding, and playing the bongos. His favorite drink was coffee. Coffee and Raspberry was his favorite ice cream flavor. The kind of music he listened to was African Tribal Mix, Afro-Cuban Songs and Dances, classical (Bartok, Stravinsky), Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra.

His favorite song was Billie Holiday's When Your Lover has Gone.

Through out his life he acted. In high school he had parts in the plays An Apple from Coles County, Goon with the Wind, The Monkey's Paw, Mooncalf Mugford, Our Hearts were Young and Gay, and You can't Take it with You. He was in a church play too, called To them that Sleep in the Darkness. In Santa Monica City College he was in She was only a Farmer's Daughter. He was even in Macbeth at UCLA.

His first professional acting job was in a Pepsi Commercial. In 1951 he appeared in a show called Family Theatre. In 1952 he was in The Web, Studio One, Lux Video Theatre, Kraft Television, and Hallmark Hall of Fame. 1953 was his busiest year. He was in...