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The Nobel Prize was first started in 1901. This is the first international award given yearly. The award consists of not only a medal, but also a personal diploma and a prize amount of money. This prize was named after a man named Alfred Bernhard Nobel. He was born in Sweden in 1833. At age nine he and his family moved to Russia where he and his brothers were given a great education. They were educated in the fields of natural sciences and also humanities, this was all done by private first class teachers. He died at his home in Italy in December of 1896. A man that was so smart and gifted died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

What did this man do that made him so important, and why did they name this award after him? This man single handedly patented more than 350 items. In 1866 he invented dynamite, this was considered one of the most technological and influential ideas of the 17th century.

He set up laboratories in more than twenty countries to build and construct his ideas. Not only was he noted for his ideas in science, he was also contemplating being a writer, because of his success in writing poetry and drama. This man was a very influential man, and his early inventions opened the keys to success for the future. Many of the things he created such dynamite are still used today and are a huge part of many peoples life. Especially in the area that we live, there are many people that have stone quarries that use dynamite to benefit themselves (Nobel Prize).

In 1935 the winner of the Nobel Prize was a man named Sir James Chadwick. Chadwick was born in Cheshire England on October 20th 1891. He father's name was...