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James Madison Known to be a well-respected man with many attributes that help form the United States Government into what it is today. Studying hard all through out college to obtain the role of a congressman, then on to work as secretary of state, and that lead to two full term presidencies not mentioning the contributions Madison had to the United States. This report is to tell the reader why I believe James Madison was a great leader and president who diplomatic and political sides helps strengthen the United States.

Growing up in Orange County, Virginia, James Madison was raised with respected parents. His family was high class, and taught him many of the morals and values he had. He had lived off of a plantation that grew tobacco and gains. Slaves worked his parent's plantation. Before entering College of New Jersey now called Princeton University, he went to a preparatory school.

His education consisted of Latin, Greek and Christian studies, which lead to his Bachelor of Arts degree. (1) Out of the Founding Fathers they all had their strengths and weakness' that were fundamental in their careers. For James Madison, he was more expressive and creative in his presence than Washington was with his. Madison strongly fathomed the problems which the government was having, and he was experienced enough that he could encounter those dilemmas better then some of the other Founding Fathers. Madison had a great respect for the republican government and had clear-cut perception politically. (2) Madison hated slavery and even though his parents had slaves on their plantation, it upset him to think that growing up he was depending on the slave system. That is partly why he disagrees with some of the republican beliefs.(3) A person in the late 1700's who is brought up...