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Do you know anything about how basketball was invented? If you do not, then that is a good reason to read this essay. I will be telling all about James Naismith and how he invented the game of basketball. I will discuss how he captured the world's attention with his game. James Naismith had a very fulfilling and colorful life. That is why I believe you may want to read this essay.

James Naismith was born in1861 in Ramsay, Canada, which is in the Ontario Province. He was the oldest son of Scottish immigrants John and Margaret Naismith. From 1867-1875, he attended grade school. In 1868, at the age of eight, he moved to Grand Calumet where his father had a job as a saw hand. At age ten, his parents died of typhoid fever. James went to live with his maternal grandmother. In 1873, when she died, he went to live with his uncle.

In 1875, he entered Almonte High School, but left two years later. James returned to school and graduated in 1883. He then entered McGill University in Montreal. He participated in football, rugby, lacrosse, and gymnastics. In 1887, James entered the Presbyterian College of Theology in Montreal and obtained a diploma in 1890. After that, he departed for America.

Once he was in America, he headed down to Springfield University in Massachusetts. At the end of his studies, he became a professor in the athletics department. He realized that there was a need for an indoor ball game during the winter months, so he comes created the idea of basketball. The game became a huge success.

In 1894, on June 20, he married his wife, Maude E. Sherman. They had five children: Margaret Mason (1895), Helen Carolyn (1897), John Edwin (1900), Maude Ann (1904), and James...