Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice.

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Pride And Prejudice Essay

'Pride And Prejudice' is a novel written by Jane Austen. The book was originally called 'First Impressions' and written October 1976, but was not published until August 1977. Jane Austen was an upper middle class citizen and wrote her novels in the era known as 'The Age Of Reason.' The Age Of Reason was a period of time in which people were valued if they had property, money and status. Social status played a big part in the Age Of Reason because people had their status and certain rules to follow. While visiting and attending places they had an order to follow, the order was decided upon age and marital status. If you were young and married you took priority over an older sibling if they were not married. They were all very formal towards each other, you would call people by their last name after Miss, Mrs or Mr.

Even if you were a married couple you would still refer to and call each other by the last name.

Marriage was a desirable thing to accomplish in that period of time. By men and women. Women wanted to marry because they wanted status, and financial security. Men wanted to marry to keep the fabric of society the same, to keep money and power and to keep the status quo. The men of the time knew that women wanted them because of what they had. The women were influenced by this and acted very predatory to try and attract the men. It may have made them look very desperate. They would unnecessarily compliment the men and encourage the men to marry them. This behaviour caused the men to act very arrogant and big headed. If the men were handsome that is a delightful...