Jane Austens view on marriage

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Jane Austen's view on marriage

Throughout Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen conveys the theme of marriage of being of paramount importance. This is shown through the views of the different characters in the novel. Although it was thought that marriage should be for money, some were based on love. For example Mr Bennet was captivated by "youth and beauty" and Charlotte Lucas is just looking for money.

This controversy is shown on the first line of Pride and Prejudice and defines the main themes of Austen's novel.

The quote "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." sets the mood of the novel and is used ironically in a somewhat mocking tone to show how really, it is not a 'truth universally acknowledged' it is just the beliefs of the mothers obsessed to get their daughters married off to a rich husband.

This quote means that instead of men trying to find themselves suitable brides, it's the women who are actually pursuing them. Even if the man has no interest in finding himself a wife, it is very well fixed into the minds of the surrounding families that he is very well the property of one or the other of their daughters. This irony immediately tells us, that Jane completely disagrees with her mother's feelings on marriage. In fact, Jane Austen clearly shows that she believes marriage is only satisfactory when there is love between the two people involved.

Jane Austen also shows her views on marriage through Elizabeth Bennett who commands considerably great resources of intellect and imagination. Lizzie concludes that despite her mother's reasons and views of marriage, she has a desire to marry for love and will in fact marry for...