Jane Eyre

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1. "Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine." (p. 72)


Jane was talking to the nurse Bessie that last day before she had to leave to Lowood school. In Mrs. Reed's house nobody liked Jane. However, Bessie who was also usually hard on her, showed little affection that day. Bessie was emotional and talkative, asking Jane for a hug and a kiss. Jane gladly shared the moment, with an open heart, which was the "gleam of sunshine" in a life, full of hostile and humiliating people.


For all ten years Jane had lived with


Mrs. Reed, she felt unwanted and unloved, but the genuine kindness of Bessie really made her feel special. Jane finally discovered a positive side of her life. She was also happy and excited to leave the place where nobody seemed to care about her. Despite the unclear future, Jane was more willing to take the risk than bearing with the lifestyle she had.

Literary devices:

The quote uses first-person narrator, the persona, because these are Jane's words. An example is the use of the word "my". The line also presents the reader with imagery by which the "gleams of sunshine" describe Jane's feeling of her life being lightened. The tone is positive since Jane feels happy with the change that occurred in her last day at Mrs. Reed's house. The mood is compassionate and gives the reader a chance to deeply think of the impact a little kindness could have in the girl's life.

Personal Reflection:

This quote made me reflect on Jane's life. How tortured she must have been if


Bessie's one time affection and compassion were her "gleam of sunshine"? Was it really the abrupt change in the nurse' attitude that made the child's life to "shine"? Jane...