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The setting is one of the important part of story, which makes the image of place, time and mood in the story. Jane Eyre takes place in England's countryside in early quarter of 19th century. This makes us think about the situation of a woman in early 18s in England. The setting of this story made me know the feeling and emotions of the person. In Jane Eyre the atmosphere is kind of gloomy, which makes the quick impression of sadness and despair on our mind. So, Jane Eyre's setting makes a quick impression of story in our mind.

Jane Eyre is an interesting story for me, because all the time it held me to see what will happen next in the story. For example, in the beginning it held me to see that how will Jane escape from her aunt's terror. Later on I was eager to see whether Jane will marry with Mr. Rochester or not.

So, finally I found this an interesting story, because it's like a real story and not a fiction.

Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre are main characters of the story. By my point of view Jane Eyre is the most important character of the story. This whole novel is depended on her and her situation. She is an intelligent, honest young girl forced to contend with oppression and hardship. In the time of 19th century she is trying to fit in culture as an independent person. She was always harshen by people, but she still tried to solve it.

Jane Eyre is a orphan young girl, who lived with her aunt's as a servant under her aunt and cousin's terror. Later, she was sent at harsh girl boarding school ans grew up as a governess(teacher). She went to teach Mr. Rochester...