"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë: A plot overview of the book

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Jane Eyre is an orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed, her unkind rich aunt. A servant that goes by the name Bessie give Jane with some of the little kindness she receives by reading her stories and singing to her. One day Jane fights with her bullying cousin John Reed. As punishment her aunt locks her up in the red room; the room where Jane’s Uncle Reed died. During the time she was locked in she believes that she’s seen a ghost of Uncle Reed; she screams and faints. She wakes up finding herself at the care of Bessie and the kind apothecary Mr. Lloyd. He suggests to Mrs. Reed that Jane should send away to boarding school. To Jane’s pleasure, Mrs. Reed allows her to go.

Once she arrives at the Lowood School, Jane sees that her life in school is not much different from her life at home.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Brocklehurst, a cruel and abusive man; he is a hypocrite. Brocklehurst tells his students to live in poverty and loss, while he uses the school’s fund to have a wealthy and opulent lifestyle for his family. At Lowood, Jane makes a friend named Helen Burns, whose positive attitude to the school is helpful and unpleasant. A massive disease called typhus goes through Lowood; Helen dies during the devastation. Due to the devastation Mr. Brocklehurst leaves the school by attracting attention to the poor conditions of the school. Jane’s life improves dramatically, as the new group of gentlemen takes charge of the school. Jane stay at Lowood for 8 more years. 6 years as a student and 2 years as a teacher.

After teaching for 2 years, Jane looks for a new job. She accepts a job as a babysitter at a manor called Thornfield; she teaches an active French girl named Adele. Mrs. Fairfax, the superior housekeeper, watches over the estate. A man named Rochester, Jane’s employer at Thornfield, is dark and impassioned; she finds herself secretly falling in love with him. One night Jane saves Rochester from a fire, whom he assumes that it was started by her drunken servant, Grace Poole. However Grace Poole continues to work at Thornfield; Jane assumes that she has not heard the entire story. Jane get depressed when Rochester brings a beautiful but corrupt woman named Blanche Ingram to the manor. Jane believes that Rochester will ask Blanche to marry him. However Rochester proposes to Jane instead, who accepts with utmost shock.

The wedding day arrives; as Jane and Mr. Rochester is about to say their vows, Mr. Mason claims that Rochester already has a wife. The wife is a woman named Bertha, whom Mr. Mason say that he is her brother. He states that Rochester marries Bertha at Jamaica when he was a young man, and that she is still alive. Rochester admits that he married her; he explains that Bertha has gone crazy. He takes the wedding back to Thornfield, where he shows Bertha going around on all fours and growling like an animal. Rochester pays Grace Poole to keep his wife under control on a third story on his manor. Bertha was the one that had really caused the fire back in the story. Knowing that it is impossible to be with Rochester, Jane leaves Thornfield.

Broke and hungry, Jane is forced to beg for food and sleep outside. At last, three siblings who lives in a manor called Marsh end and Moor House take her in. The names of the siblings are Mary, Diana, and St. John Rivers; Jane quickly befriends them. St. John is a clergyman; he finds Jane a teaching job at a charity school in Morton. One day, he surprises her by tell her that her uncle, John Eyre, passed away and has left Jane a huge fortune: 20,000 pounds. He shocks Jane further when she asks him how he’s got the news. He tells her that John Eyre was also his uncle and that they are both cousins. Immediately Jane chooses to share her fortune with her newfound relatives.

St. John decides to go to India as missionary, and he asks Jane to go with him as a wife. Jane agrees on going with him to India, but refuses to marry him since she does not love him. St. John pressures her to think again about it and Jane almost agrees. However, Jane sees that she can’t abandon the man she truly loves forever when one night she hears the voice of Rochester calling her name outside the manor. Immediately Jane goes back to Thornfield to see it burned to the ground by Martha Mason, who has lost her life in the fire. Rochester saves the servants but lost his eyesight and one of his hands. Jane goes to Rochester’s new home, Ferndean, where he lives with 2 servants named John and Mary.

At Ferndean, Rochester and Jane catch up with their relationship and soon marry. At the end Jane writes that she has been delightful years and that she and her husband enjoy their life. She says after 2 years of not seeing, Rochester gets his sight back in one eye and was able to hold see their first son at birthBIBLIOGRAPHY:Jane Eyre, Author: Charlotte Brontë