"Jane Eyre is nothing more than a simply love story?" Discuss

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"Jane Eyre is nothing more than a simply love story?" Discuss

A simple love story is where a girl meets boy, falls in love, girls loses boy then they get back together and live together in harmony. For the Jane Eyre novel there are many factors that lift it above a simple love story. The novel is known has a Bildungroman, a autobiographical in form and displays similarities with the author's own life, mostly with regard to childhood experiences. The novel displays Jane's single growth and development within a defined social order. Through out the novel there are many themes for example, the women's role in society during the Nineteenth Century, repressive religion, Jane's quest for love and acceptance. The novel also has a unique detail on characterisation, which allows the readers to really understand and sympathize with the characters, especially Jane and Edward Rochester. There are many reasons as to why Jane Eyre is more then a simple love story that will be discussed in the following essay.

The Victorian society had class structure of the rich and poor. The women in each of these groups had different and defined way of living. For all women their achievements would be limited and all men were conditioned to treat the women as a possession and not a person. When part of the high society the women were very vain, greedy and had a very supior attitude to everyone. For the poor women they would only be educated to sew and cook. These women would get married at a young age, have children and spend all their lives looking after the family and were working in very poor conditions just to survive. To be part of the high society would depend on inheritance. For Jane being a female orphan with no...