Jane Eyre Vs. Leslie

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Comparative Analysis A novel is a form of fictional literature with a more or less complex plot or pattern of events. For this assignment, I chose to compare the two novels Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, and Leslie, by Omar Tyree.

Leslie was about a girl, Leslie Beaudet, who attends Dillard University who is struggling wit a dark secret of power in a world that is pulling her in many different directions. To her father, she is a queen who deserves more than the broken dreams and slaughter of poverty. To her mother, she is a source of pride and strength, which is her reason for carrying on. To her younger sister, who is the mother of two and a high school dropout, Leslie is the only person who cares enough to share her woes. To her younger brother, she is the victim that he failed to protect.

To her college peers and teachers, Leslie is determined, resourceful, intelligent, most likely to succeed, and unusually quiet. When a series of murders befall her New Orleans community, they increasingly point in Leslie's direction. Slowly her friends and relatives realize that they never really knew Leslie=a complicated young woman terrified of failure, struggling with painful family secrets, praying for security that has eluded everyone around her, and a craving for power that she never knew she had.

Jane Eyre was about a young woman who was an orphan as a child and was Eagleton, 2 forced to stay with her aunt who mistreated her. She was moved to a school were she gained friends and lost friends. She was also mistreated there in the beginning but this changed over time. Over time she grew up, moved away, finished school, and worked for a man by educating his child. She and...