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Jane Pitman Jane Pitman was a remarkable lady. Not only did she live for one-hundred and ten years but she suffered much through out those years. Jane Pitman was a slave most of her early life. Her slave name was Tysee. It was changed at the age of ten by a northerner. He was a yankee, when he met Jane he told her she deserved a better name then just a regular slave name. He told her she could choose any name she liked and it would be hers from then on.

In her early age she remembers how her master told her and her family they were soon going to be free. He told them that as of January 1, 1863 all slaves were declared free. When they found out they decided to leave and look for a better way of life. They went out on their journey.

Till one horrible morning all were killed but Jane and Ned. Ned was a little boy that she really cared about. Ned was about 4. They were killed by white men, when the white men found out they had slept in their shed. They managed to escape. She told Ned to take care of special rocks they had. She told him to hold them till they got to Ohio. That was where they wanted to go. She remembers they walked for days. Till they came upon this plantation, where they stood for 12 years.

Jane raised Ned as her own child. He even called her mom. Jane was about twenty-two years old when Ned began to teach about blacks rights. Ned began to form a rights committee for the blacks. That was when she got a beaten by whites because of him. They told her he would be killed if he didn't stop. She warned Ned and Ned had no choice but to flee. Ned kept touch with her. He would often send her money and tell her how he was doing. Till Jane decided to take John's last name and marry him. She took his last name and became Jane Pitman. She recalls him as the love of her life. Jon convinced her to leave the plantation and start their own life so they did. John was later killed in an accident where they had decided to settle. Jane grew old at that ranch.

She saw Ned about twenty years later. She went to live with him for a while. Then while she was there she found out that they were going to try to kill him again. She knew the reason also. It was because he was teaching the black people around there what rights they had and how to use them. She tried to warn him about it but he refused to leave again. He told her that he had fled once and he wasn't going to do it again. He too was later shot by a white man. She then later moved back to the plantation where she grew older and reached the age of one- hundred and ten years old.

Jane Pitman was a special woman. She was one of the last few people that actually went though the experience of being a slave. She saw many of the great history events that occurred. Jane was a wise woman who had much to say. She remembers things that no one else would. She also knew when a child was going to be "the one." To them a child that was "the one" was a child that would grow up to be someone. Someone that would fight for black's rights and someone that would stand up and take charge. Jane Pitman knew when things like that would come around. Jane was also like a vision. She was a vision to the past.