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Jane, an manager of an American company in Japan this year, she wanted to get well along with these Japanese colleges and know them more formally. So she invited them to her house for party. The colleges all arrived at 8 o'clock pm as she had told them and they seemed to enjoy the party, they danced, sang, and ate most of the food.

But at about 10 o'clock pm, one of the colleges said to her, "I think it's time for me to leave. Thank you very much for the party, it's wonderful, I like it." Then all the other colleges stood up and said they wanted to go home, too. So they all left at the same time. And Jane decided she would never invite them again!

Analysis:In many Asian countries like Japan and Korea, young people usually go to the parties in droves and then leave together.

They think it's very normal. But in Jane's mind, she thinks it is an insult because they just leave and let her alone. In many English speaking countries like America, people will enjoy the party for the whole night, and usually no body will leave before 10 o'clock.

David Hu had just started working for the foreign owned company. He was sitting at his workstation but had not been given any assignment that he should be doing at this moment. He was relaxing and waiting and then thought he would take the opportunity to have a look around. He poked his head into several offices just to see what there was to be seen. Suddenly Mr. Parker came up to him and angrily asked him what he was doing. David Hu was embarrassed. He laughed and quickly started to move back toward his workstation. This did not seem to...