Jane Smiley's "A thousand Acres".

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Clearly both Ginny and Rose lived lives full of grief and misfortune. There mother had died when they were both very young, there father had raped them many times growing up, Ginny had had 5 miscarriages, and Rose had breast cancer. Even though both Ginny and Rose went through many tragedies, there way of dealing with their pain was the opposite. In Ginny's case she either blocked the event from her mind and was in denial, or had hope for the future. Rose, on the other hand, was full of anger. She remembered everything anyone had ever done to her and never forgave them. She saw the worst in people.

Ginny always saw the good in people. She was very easy going. She dedicated her life to looking after others. She would make breakfast for her father every morning, clean his home, and have him over for dinner often. Ginny saw her Dad as perfect, even though he had treated her horribly and destroyed her childhood.

She wouldn't face the truth though; she blocked the fact that her dad had raped her and put it in the back of her mind. She was in denial that it ever occurred, Ginny: "But it didn't happen." Rose: "but it did." Ginny: "Well, why don't I remember? Do you think I'm lying?" Rose: "That's the way it happened with me." Ginny: "What?" Rose: "Because after he stopped going in to you, he started coming in to me, and those are the things he said to me, and that's what we did. We had sex in my bed." Ginny always considered her father a good man, and wouldn't let anything wreck that image, even the truth.

Another example of Ginny's optimism is the fact that she never gave up trying to conceive a child.