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J.A.P, a term used by some, yet misunderstood by most; stands for Jewish American Princess. "A J.A.P is defined as a Jewish woman who drives a male- perhaps her father or her husband- to finance her consumption. Her wants are insatiable." (Sher, Page 5). Many people all over the country use this word to describe a specific persons' personality or outside appearance. A J.A.P is looked at as being rich, wearing the most expensive brands of clothing and accessories. They are portrayed as being spoiled and disrespectful, being able to manipulate their parents into getting them whatever they desire. They think that it is okay for them to act as if someone may be below them because of who their parents are and where they grew up. In today's American Society, all Americans in the middle to upper economic class-not just Jews can be J.A.Ps. To illustrate these general assumptions, this essay will also dig beneath the surface of how society views a J.A.P.

Although there may be some, that fit this "J.A.P" description, there are many people who do not.

The general conception of a J.A.P consists of high maintenance, spoiled-ness, self-involved attitude, and not athletic except for aerobics. A typical J.A.P is thought not to be able to succeed on their own. That they rely on their "Daddys" or other authority figures to buy their way out of situations; Whether it is a materialistic, or a personal issue.

If you were to place a female into the J.A.P. category, you would see them wearing the most popular brand name, well dressed in Solo stretch pants, Juicy Couture, Burberry, North Face, etc, with ironed or straightened hair. And to top it all off, following the trends of dangling earrings, lots of trendy jewelry and a cartilage earring. Along...