Japan and its problems

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Japan is situated next to China in the northern hemisphere. It has a population of 127 million-That's 336 people per square kilometre! Its area is 337.835km2 and the capital city is Tokyo. It has 67 million more people that the UK even though it is only slightly bigger.

In Japan Children start school at the same age as in the UK but even when they are under 10 they have lots of homework and, often, in cities have to attend extra classes at night. There is a lot of pressure on older children, too, to work hard, pass lots of exams and get into University. Adults work long hours and have few holidays but maybe this is the reason Japan are so rich...

So, what makes Japan so rich? Well, for a start it has the longest life expectancy in the world meaning that workers have to work longer and retire later on in life.

This means they make more produce to export which means that the Japanese government have more money to spend on their high quality schools, hospitals and other important things.

If you compare Japan to the UK you will see lots of elements that make Japan difficult to live in, such as very mountainous terrain and little flat land. Another of Japan's problems is that is has a lot of natural disasters, like typhoons and earthquakes, still they have worked to reduce the impact of these problems by inventing innovative ways to stop it from affecting them too badly. But if you look at the UK it isn't faced with any of these problems yet it still is no-where near as rich as the successful Japan. Even if you look at the USA it also has little problems but is only the 2nd...