Japan Entering World War II

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World War II conflict that consisted of most the globe and was the most costly and intense war in human history.

The conflict had started on September 1st, 1939 with the German invasion of Poland with the pacific war presumed to have started on 7th July 1937 with the Japanese attacking china and lasted until the summer of 1945. Due to the overwhelming number of nations involved and the extraordinary number of theatres a great number of people considered World War II to be the only true world war.

Japan entered the war in December 1941 and swiftly achieved a series of victories. Their advance had been dramatic down the coast of the Pacific islands. Landing in the Philippines on the 10th December 1941 and reaching Lae salamaua in New Guinea on 8th March 1942. With Bataan surrening on 9th April 1942 and then Corregidor a month later. The US Navy, supported by ships of the RAN, halted a Japanese convoy headed of Port Moresby during the battle of the Coral Sea on May 5th - 8th.

December 7th 1941, a surprise air raid was carried out on Pearl Harbor, by Japanese warplanes commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo. This attack resulted in huge loses to the US naval base.

The following day, the US declared war on Japan. Around the same time the US air base was also attacked.

In March of 1942, after the Japanese defeated the Netherlands East Indies, their southward advance began to lose strength, easing the Australians fears of an invasion. The US took responsibility for the country's defence and provided reinforcements and equipment which brought further relief to the Aussie's. The threat of the invasion lessened as Allies won a series of decisive battles.

Allied navies in the battle of the Coral Sea stopped...