Japanese Business Culture

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Executive Summary

This report investigates Japanese cultural variables and the opportunities and threats of Monash University entering the Japanese. This report looks at Japan cultural elements and behaviour.

It primary purpose is to recommend Monash University of entering Japan. Based on the findings of this research, it is concluded that Japan culture is very much different from Australia and is not easy to enter a market where education is closely related to culture.

We would be happy to discuss this report with you, and look forward to our next meeting to clarify any issues.

Charles Huynh


1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to recommend Monash University on whether or not to expand their business into Japan, while also investigating the constraints of Japan's culture.

1.2 Scope

In investigating and recommending entry to Japan with the focus on its culture, the report considers Japan's elements of culture and its effect on Japanese behaviour.

It will also look at the implications of culture if Monash were to expand to Japan.

1.3 Method

In order to complete the report, secondary data comprising of reference books and Internet resources was used.

1.4 Limitations

The limitations of the report relates mainly with dealing with secondary data and the time frame set for the completion of this report.

1.5 Assumptions

In preparing the report, it was assumed that the data and information obtained through secondary sources are valid and accurate. It is also assumed that the reader is aware Australian culture as discussion about Australia is beyond the scope of this report.

1.6 Background

Monash University was named after a prominent Australian, Sir John Monash. Monash has grown from a single campus at Clayton to six campuses in Australia, one in Malaysia and one in South Africa. Continuing its expansion strategy, it is...