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Japan a nearly isolated area, surrounded by thousands of mountains that use to prevent outside attacks from the outside world. Japanese dictatorship run government

Headed by a prime minister and a culture unique to others. The Japanese people have lived their lives through tradition and culture, from Japanese marriages, to food, to the point of death. Japanese customs still remain with members who choose to follow the

The path. Religion was also a factor in Japanese lives the religions differ from the Shinto

And Buddhism. The two most common religions found in Japan other than other places.

Japanese clothing

The Japanese clothing style is much different, but kind of similar to the way United States dress the only difference between the why we dress and the way they dress is that the sleeves on their shirts are shorter and the hips to the pants are made much more narrower .The

Japanese people don't enjoy walking around showing too much flesh. The girls wear shirts and the boys usually run around in shorts all year along. Cited from

Julie's Japanese Clothing report@aol.com .The Japanese always have a special type of footwear called a Geta they are wooden clogs that are at least 5 cmm high and are worn only to formal and traditional occasions. The men just wear plain wood with a black leather strap that goes between the second and third toe. Most of the Japanese man often wears what they call a hachimaki also know as a headband in American language and most of the Japanese women have chopsticks in their hair.

Japanese Beliefs

The religion that majority of the Japanese people believe in is Buddhism and they live by its ways. What is Buddhism religion about? Buddhism is mostly they believe that

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