Japanese Street Fashion

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Living in the United States for two and half years, I have been surprised how influential Japanese pop culture has been on some aspects of American culture now. I see many people wearing shirts and caps with Japanese calligraphy on it. I hear a lot of things about Japanese animation. I see a lot of articles talking about Japanese pop culture. More recently, a movie called "Lost in Translation" written and directed by Sofia Coppola was all about Tokyo culture.

Many American young people seem especially interested in Japanese street fashion. Teenage magazine "ELLE" shows Japanese street fashion in Harajuku where most young people hang out. The magazine "Teenvogue" shows photos of an American girl with young people in Tokyo. The weekly magazine, "The New Yorker", had seven very interesting pages about the fashion scene in Tokyo. It discussed special issues of teens and their cultural view. This paper will discuss why Japanese young people are so wild about fashion and it will included little bit of history and my experiences because I was also crazy about fashion when I was in Japan.

The fashion community in Japan in the 1950's, wiped away a dark atmosphere of war. Japan's fashion sense by global fashions which began in Paris, fashion in the 1950s was upbeat, colorful and stylish. Moreover a specific fashion style came into being when movies such as "The Holiday in Rome" captured Audrey Hepburns fashion statement and became extremely popular. While high economic growth progress, attention to the fashion industry also grew. The music world also came to life in the 1960s with the rock'n'roll age. The Beatles visited Japan in 1966. The MOZZU emerged after the Beatles came to Japan and the combination of music and men's fashion shocked the Japanese culture. The fashion which...