Japanese Superiority in Education Japanese and American education are very

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Japanese Superiority in Education Japanese and American education are very difficult to compare from an objective standpoint, because the difference in societal values are so profound. What has given the Japanese the clear advantage in educational success has been their ability to adapt their educational system flawlessly to the parameters of their society. America, in general has failed to do so effectively, and is seeing this in the product of their system. Change in American education is not occurring consistently with change in American society. On the contrary, Japan seems to be constantly seeking improvement, as to maintain its success.

Success or performance in Japanese students juxtaposed to American performance is frankly embarrassing. Comparison shows that the Japanese student is superior; hands down. In fact, The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement tests place the Japanese students higher than any other countries?, with clear superiority in math and science.

(White, p.448) Japanese children also post an average of 11 better in IQ testing than Americans. (White, p.448) The numbers, the hardest evidence available, indicate Japanese superiority.

To understand how the Japanese have achieved such complete domination, you must first understand the mindset of their society, as it applies to education. As Americans, we have failed to realize the correlation between the development of people and the development of society. This is to say that the ideas reinforced in education mold the society we live in. The Japanese have internalized this concept; it is illustrated in their fierce dedication the success in education. It is truly believed by all facets of society that the future success of Japan relies on it. The link between educational success and professional success in intense. The best careers are rewarded to the highest academic achievers, and an individual?s success depends solely upon it.