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Jacqueline Morganstern was the daughter of Suzanne and Karl Morganstern. Karl partially owned a beauty shop in Paris. (See map A.1) Jacqueline`s family moved to Paris to escape the anti-Semitism of Romania. (See map A.2) But soon after they moved a non-Jew took the beauty shop so they had to move to Marseilles. (See map A.3) Marseilles was a small city in Southern France. Jacqueline`s parents carried forged papers that identified themselves as non-Jews. They were discovered and denounced to the Gestapo. (weisenthel.com 2) On June 20, 1944, Jacqueline and her parents were sent to Auschwitz Death Camp (see pictures B.1-10). In the gas chamber, located outside the barbed wire fence, which surrounds the barracks, Suzanne Morganstern was murdered. Jacqueline was then sent to the special children's barracks. (Buildings Inside the Auschwitz I Camp 1,2,3) About 150,000 Polish political prisoners died in these barracks even thought they served decent food and were heated.

Soon Jacqueline and other children were sent to the Neuengamme Concentration Camp to be experimented on. The staff here sang songs to the children, taught them games, and distracted them from the horrible smells of crematoria. Most of the children spoke only Polish but Jacqueline found one child who spoke French and they became the closest of friends. When the children were first experimented on, they were injected with tuberculosis cultures. After these children were injected they became ill so Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer had to operate. When the British were less than three miles from the camp, twenty children were sent to school in Hamburg, which was located between the North Sea in the west and the Baltic Sea in the east. (weisenthal.com) All of the children were injected with morphine; a narcotic drug, used to relieve pain, which was injected intravenous, and the children, fell asleep. (The American Century Dictionary 374) Jacqueline and her friends were hung, after being injected, and died one by one.