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Introduction I am reporting on a mystery book called Shark Bait. The book is about a boy named Mokes that is trying to solve the mystery of people living on the eastern sea side of Hawaii who are mysteriously disappearing. The fisher men that travel the Hawaiian waters claim to know the reason of the disappearances of the villagers. They say at midnight one villager comes out and walks to the water in a deep trance. Then all of a sudden jaks (sharks) come and take them under. Mokes does not believe them for a second. Mokes knows its more to that story then what's being told and he's determined to get to the bottom of this mystery no matter what it takes. The date that I started reading this book was August 18, 2000, I completed the book on August 31, 2000. The book was written on June 5, 1997 by author Graham Salisbury.

If I were to rate this book I would give it four stars because it is a very good unpredictable mystery and it was not difficult to read or understand the book at all. Most of the Hawaiian words were hard to pronounce but there was a guide in the back of the book to help you pronounce the tough words.

Table of Contents 1. Description of Characters 2. Key events of the story 3. Results of the experience on the key character(s) 4. A comparison to a real life event 5. How can you apply an event from the book to improve your future 6. Synopsis of the plot Body/text 1. Mokes is the main character of the story. He is the hero of the story Mokes lives on the island of Hawaii known as Kainaliu. Mokes is seventeen and wants to be an oceanographer when he gets older. He knows a lot about the ocean because his father was a scuba diver.

Hinalea and Uhane are Mokes best friends. They all live in the same village. Mokes secretly likes Hinalea. Hinalea is a dancer at resorts for tourist. Uhane and Mokes share the same drem of being oceanographers. They all grew up together. They all want to solve the mystery together.

2. There are five key events in the story that really grab the readers attention. Mokes becomes suspicious of the fisher mens stories. Mokes get the news that his dad was among the people that mysteriously disappeared. One of the fishermen tells Mokes what was really happening to the people. Mokes and his friends find all of the missing villagers on the fishermen's boat.

3. Mokes learned the valuable lesson of always being aware, and to pay attention carefully, and never listen to what just anyone says.

4. A real life event that took place that is similar to the book situation was when a US soldier went to Kosavo and killed and raped a ethnic Albanian girl and said that she was killed accidentally.

5. I can apply an event from the book to improve my future by always looking into details and not just believing and repeating the things I hear.

6. The story takes place in Hawaii on a small island. It is about a boy and his good friends trying to figure out why people are disappearing. The fishermen told them that they were stayed by Jaks, but the fishermen were really holding them captive because the fishermen believe that they have bad luck because of Hawaiian curses.