The Jay Leno show is an increasingly popular T.V. talk

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The Jay Leno show is an increasingly popular T.V. talk show that is aired along with many other shows on public broadcasting. People are attracted to the Jay Leno show because it has many differences between it and other ordinary talk shows. Jay is popular today because of the simple fact that he defines himself in a total different category from others. The show has become highly popular due to the fact that it has some similarities to other talk shows so as to draw people in to watch it, but it also has differences that make it unique and keeps people interested.

The show wouldn't be so popular if it didn't catch people's eye, and in order to do such a thing it has to have elements in it that everybody in the country is familiar with. This dates all the way back to the Dick Clark show which ran for many years and set the standards for every talk show in America.

Typically, there is a desk for the host to sit behind and a chair for a guest or two to sit in. Interviews are the most common quality of all talk shows. Over the years, two different types of shows emerged. One type is the daytime show that deals with people's lives and situations, and the other is the night show which is solely for entertainment. Bands are also big parts of late night talk shows. Jay Leno has a band led by Kevin Newbank. These two have been working together since the very beginning of the show and if Jay were to replace the band he would be replacing the whole show. Another common similarity is that he presents a monologue at the beginning of every show. This sets the stage for the show and preps the audience for the entertainment to come.

The character of the Jay Leno show is represented in it's differences between itself and other shows. Jay likes to ridicule himself with such acts as being a doctor with a big chin that answers the audience's questions. He also incorporates humor in the news and in his monologue. He makes everything seem funny and puts a smile on his audience members' faces. Before his monologue, Jay likes to become familiar with his audience. He shakes everybody's hand and answers many questions that they might have before the show. Jay was also one of the first to show clips from movies of actors and actresses. He shows these in just about every show and promotes people and their movies. He also has a section in his show that is unlike any other one. He shows clips from newspapers that have errors in them and make them seem to be very humorous. He reads them out loud and shows them close up on camera to give the full affect to the viewing audience and the studio audience. It is very evident that he tries to please both of the audiences with his comments and his lineup that is never boring.

Throughout Jay Leno's career, his show has gone through some drastic changes. He has elevated himself to being one of the greatest talk show hosts on public cable. His popularity has raised due to the fact that he uses similar qualities of other shows, but his show stands out more because of it's differences from other programs. This is what makes a great talk show.