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Essay by MALBOLSIA November 2004

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Jazz Concert

On Sunday May 2, 2004 I attended a jazz concert with some classmates. The program was entitled Jazz at the Stockmarket. We kind of got lost on the way so we only saw the second half of the show. The Sacramento based musicians were Jim Malone on keyboard, Steve Krohn who played both the guitar and keyboard, Rich Defazio an amazing drummer. That night the band was featuring Ken Stout who is an incredible tenor saxophone player, and also a guest appearance vocalist by the name of Debbie Defazio. There was also a tremendous bass player but his name was not on the program. There was a count off and the music began with a jam-packed house. The first song was called Equinox by John Coltrane. I know I have heard this piece played before at one time or another. When the band played it they added a little taste of their own to it.

The song was unique. Ken Stout played two remarkable solos; one in the beginning and on at the end. The Bass player was just fantastic; he flowed with everyone flawlessly in the first piece. The next two bits were written by Steve Krohn, which he dedicated to his three-year-old daughter. One was called Nicole's song. This part of a set was very diverse it included mixes of Christmas and cartoon songs, which blended together perfectly. The song started with a guitar then the saxophone and drums meshed in together. I really enjoyed this piece since it reminded me of the old cartoons I used to watch plus it just made you feel happy inside. I looked around and everybody in the building had a fat smile on his or her face. The next song was entitled Pleasing the...