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Sabrina Ii


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Blinded by Jealousy

This story is about lack of self-control and idiocy. My own.

It all started during my 2006-2007 school year. I was a second grade student in Primary Montessori, a co-educational private school. The school was very well-built at the time, although it wasn't very spacious. Because this school only accept children ages two through nine, there were only eight classrooms and two hallways. This was also the main reason why I had only one friend at the time…

Emily. Emily was the one of the few people I talked to in second grade. We met on the first day of school. She was an outgoing type of person, and I was more of a timid girl who would quietly observe everything. We were pretty much polar opposites. But, Emily still seemed eager to be my friend at school. She would always initiate a conversation, knowing that I wouldn't.

Every day, she would ask me to play with her during recess and partner up with her during class. Soon, we both grew attached to each other and became close friends.

Weeks flew by, and each day was the same. I was always with Emily and she was always with me.

Then, one day, during winter break, I saw Emily during our piano teacher's annual recital. Each student was given a solo to practice and memorize beforehand to perform. Emily and I were both in the same age group, so we got to see each other perform. Her name went first alphabetically so I waited patiently behind her.

Turns out, her performance was exceptional. Her memorization and rhythm were flawless. But when it was time for me to go up, my body felt like noodles. I felt tremendous pressure and it led...